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Get Episode 1 Episode 2 Episodes 3 Episodes 4 of tv series Story No 1 Watch all.We the group are linked up with a big so we decided to make a 3 part web series as a teaser to the upcoming feature film. which we have planned to release this year. We have a lot of plans in store for the future of HTG. But this web series we are bringing it out which is more like a teaser to the upcoming feature film.We are also inviting you to join HTG’s new IRC Channel at http:; Join us at #httchataq. You can also join and discuss their plans on our HTG Forums.Q: Django - How to extract a value from HTML in Template File I am developing a web application in Django with Google App engine (Python version 2.7). I am using Django template language to generate the response. I have an html template in views.py file with HTML structure shown below. {% for q in questions %} {% for row in q %} {{ row.question }} {{ row.selected_answer }} {{ row.guess }} {{ row.actual }} {{ row.difference }} {{ row.correct }} {% endfor %} As can be seen from the above code, I am looping through questions for which I get all the questions and then looping through every question for every row. This is the way I am getting the current row. From the template, I want to extract value of the td tags. How can I extract a value of the td tags from the template file? A: Your code is mixing up the template and the logic. You should only put the HTML inside the templates. The following should work: views.py def results(request): ... return render_to_response('mytemplate.html', { 'questions': questions, 'rows': q

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